Members of 100 Men Who Care Salt Spring Island attend three meetings per year for a maximum of one hour per meeting. They commit to donating $100 at each meeting. Once a member, they can nominate a charity of their choice at least 2 weeks before the meeting.


Nominated charities will be qualified by the 100 Men Who Care Salt Spring Island planning committee. For every member who nominates a charity, an equal number of nominations will be placed in the charity basket. 

Each member may have only one nomination in the charity basket at any time; however, a given charity may receive more than one nomination. Three charities are randomly chosen from the basket at each meeting.


Members who nominated the three charities will give a 5-minute presentation about why they think their nominated charity should receive the compiled group funds.

In their presentation, members may highlight specific programs run by a charity; however, the nomination is for the organization rather than a program. Read our Presentation Tips.


After the three presentations, each member in attendance will cast a secret ballot for his choice of the three charities presented. There is no proxy voting.  If you’re unable to attend a meeting, no other member or person may cast a secret ballot for you.

The charity receiving the most votes will be awarded the members’ funds. If two charities are tied for most votes, the third charity will be omitted from the secret ballot and members will  re-vote. 


The selected charity receives $100 from 100 members (or however members there are), totalling $10,000 (or more). The awarded charity sends out individual tax receipts to each member and must commit to spending the funds for the betterment of the Salt Spring Island community. 

Awarded charities can use funds in the ways that best help it meet its mission. See more at How To Nominate.

It's that simple and that powerful! BECOME A MEMBER!

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