• To vote for a local charity at a meeting, you must be a member before the meeting. Become a member on the Join page of our website prior to attending a meeting. 
  • At the beginning of the meeting, three charities will be randomly chosen from our “charity basket,” which is filled with charity nominations from our members.
  • The member who nominated the selected charity (or the designated speaker from the membership or planning committee) will be asked to give a 5-minute presentation on why he thinks this charity should receive the collected funds.
  • After the three presentations, members will cast a secret ballot for one of the three charities.
  • While committee members are tabulating the results, a representative from the charity that was awarded funds at the previous meeting will share how the contribution helped their organization.
  • Once the votes are tabulated, a committee member will announce the awarded charity.
  • Members will write a cheque to 100 Men Salt Spring, give cash,  or send an e-transfer by noon the next day. They will receive a tax receipt from the awarded charity by mail or email.
  • Members are encouraged to come early to network.
  • If you cannot make a meeting, please fill out a Regrets Form.
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