Any member in good standing may nominate a local organization. Nomination forms must be submitted no later than 1 week prior to the meeting. If a form is submitted after that date, it will be held for the next meeting.

Each member may have only one nomination in the charity basket at any time. He can withdraw a nomination and replace it with another at any time by contacting us.

A charity can only be nominated once by a member.  This allows for each charity to have an equal opportunity to be chosen in a random draw if more than three charities are nominated. (Policy change, March, 25, 2021).1

Once a charity has been awarded funds, it will not be eligible for nomination for three years.


All the charities that are added to the charity basket MUST meet the following criteria:

  • Commit to spending a substantial portion of funds awarded by our members in the Salt Spring Island community
  • Be a registered Canadian charity
  • Able to provide individual tax receipts to our members
  • Agree not to solicit our members directly for further contributions
  • Agree not to create, sell or distribute a list with our members’ contact information
  • After funds have been awarded, provide a spokesperson to present to our members at our next meeting
  • Must not have received funds from 100 Men Who Care Salt Spring Island in the past 3 years


  1. Ensure your charity meets the requirements of a qualified charity.
  2. Fill out a Charity Nomination Form at least 1 week before the next members’ meeting.
  3. Create a 5-minute presentation that you or another member will give if your charity is one of the three charities selected from the charity basket at an upcoming meeting.
  4. Provide the organizing committee with a copy of your presentation if you do not want to speak in public, or if you will be away and don’t have another member to speak on your behalf.
  5. Our Organizing Committee will determine if your charity meets our eligibility criteria. Someone will contact you within a few days if there is a problem with the charity’s eligibility.

For more information on presentingSee our presentation tips1

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